No two progressives are alike!

At Optical Matters we pride ourselves in making you see better. Your frame is what holds the most important components to your daily activities. Sure, your frame also defines your style and look, but outstanding vision paramount. While there are hundreds of progressive multifocal lenses on the market, no two progressives are alike!

At Optical Matters we use Hoya lenses for all our progressive wearers. Why? Because Hoya has always been at the forefront of cutting edge lens technology. Now with the newest breakthrough in lens design, Hoya has surpassed their competition. This new technology is called Free-Form lens design and it is the future for progressives, made for your eyes.  If you ever owned a pair of progressives you could not adapt to because of the constricting views and swimming of vision, then these new Free-Form lenses may be the answer in allowing you to use one lens for all your viewing distances throughout the day.

How does a Free-Form lens differ from a standard progressive? Standard progressive lenses are ground using computer technology, but use grinding tools that are unable to cut with the precision of a diamond. Yes, Free-Form technology incorporates the use of a diamond to cut your prescription into the lens. Using new computer algorithms on top of superior lens grinding abilities, allows the creation of a new breed of progressives.

Where Hoya has taken the next steps in bringing superior products to market is with their Hoya iD lens. All other Free-Form lenses have only the back surface of the lens (the side closer to your face) ground to your prescription. The Hoya iD lens is the only lens on the market that is Free-Form designed on both surfaces, creating absolute maximum viewing comfort. On top of that, they have even Free-Formed designed the front surface of the lens for vertical viewing, and the back surface for horizontal viewing. This overall design gives the least amount of distortion and the greatest amount of comfort.

In the not to distant future Hoya will take the progressive lens technology even above and beyond. Lenses truly designed to mimic the fingerprint of your vision. Imagine taking into  consideration your daily visual demands, your frame design and how the frame fits on your face and adding the Free-Form technology to all these measurements.   It’s akin to standard LASIK versus custom corneal LASIK. There is a big difference!

This is why Optical Matters uses Hoya progressives and will continue to stay at the pinnacle of patient satisfactions!

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