MyStyle is Your Style

Our visual system is the primary source with our external world and we live in a world where our brain is processing information at a level never seen before. Hundreds of television channels, millions of websites, personal smartphones, tablet computers and social networking have our brains humming with visual input that needs to be processed. Any distortion, be it glare, blur or a restriction of peripheral vision, will all have an effect to how we process information.

Look around your world and you will see lines in everything. Looking closer and you will see the majority of these lines are positioned vertically and horizontally. Our brain has grown up seeing and learning this common pattern of line positions. This is where the personalization of vision will help make your visual world comfortable and eaiser to take in. The MyStyle lens uses it’s personal design to help the brain “SEE” with visual comfort, preventing distortion of these common angles.

The MyStyle lens, like every lens has a front and back side to it’s design. All other free form progressive lenses use a standard front surface and only surface the back side of the lens with the personal free form design. The MyStyle lens personalizes both sides of the lens to give enhanced personal vision through each side of the lens. The front side of the MyStyle lens is personally designed to take the horizontal vision into account and the back surface enhances the vertical component of vision. When these two surfaces are calculated and balanced, the results are a phenomenal viewing area at all distances. The MyStyle lens design doesn’t just stop with your prescription being personally balanced within your two lenses, it goes much deeper.

Your prescription lenses are placed in a frame that is fit to you.  Each person wears their frame uniquely, depending on individual face and head postures. Imagine your lenses positioned in front of your eyes. How the lens tilts downward, curves around and the distance it sits from your eyes all plays a major role in how your prescription works for you. The MyStyle lens design adds these critical lens measurement positions to the balanced lens design, creating the most precise personal lens design there is.

Just like your prescription and personal frame position is critical to your overall vision, the way you use your eyes also plays an important role in the personalized design. This is why the MyStyle lens design goes even deeper to best understand your visual lifestyle. Through a series of fifteen lifestyle question, the MyStyle lens iDentifier will incorporate one of nine possible lens enhancing effects to ensure the most visual comfort for your worldly activities.

By balancing your prescription between the two surfaces of the lenses, calculating the personalized position of your frame and adding your most common daily activities… The MyStyle lens becomes the most individualized lens design on the planet.

Why challenge the brain to process your visual world, where data is important and vistas are beautiful.

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