Lisa Rollins

Co-owner | Practice Manager

Lisa joined Optical Matters in early 2010 and quickly became an integral part of the team. She manages all operations and business aspects of the office.

Her background in the optical industry extends over 25 years, beginning her optical career as a front office receptionist. Over the years, she built her career as an optician and practice manager/administrator. She and Dr. Gosling officially became partners at Optical Matters in 2016, making her co-owner.

She is a graduate of the University of Denver, with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Her passion is her patients, and if you ask any of our patients, they will tell you that she makes them feel like family. Lisa’s smiley face and fun, infectious personality make her a favorite among everyone. Her experience and knowledge of all things business in the world of optometry/optical make her a great leader in her field, as well as a role model for her staff.

Lisa is an avid animal lover and enjoys the Colorado outdoors, including skiing, hiking, camping and white water rafting. One of the greatest sounds in our office is to hear Lisa, our staff and our patients laughing and exchanging their amazing travel stories. Some of her favorite vacations have been Coco Coco Plum Island in Belize and Costa Rica.

Dana Jagodzinski

Optician | Frame Buyer

Dana is our lead optician, as well as our frame buyer. Whether your taste is trendy and casual or elegant and sophisticated, she’ll help you choose a pair of frames to suit your style. Dana will recommend the best eyeglasses to enhance your look and sharpen your vision. To help you make an educated decision, she’ll explain the pros and cons of the different types of lenses and optional treatments and coatings. Dana is very sweet, and is always helpful and friendly, quickly making friends with many patients and helping them pick out the frames and lenses that are just right for their face, personality, uniqueness and lifestyle

Dana is a native of Colorado, born and raised in Arvada. She now lives in Parker with her sweet Chihuahua babies, Iggy and Taffy. She loves sharing the stories of her pups with her patients. She is an avid animal lover and enjoys EDM music, concerts, and enjoying the Colorado outdoors, such as hiking, white water rafting and gardening/landscaping. She loves to travel and often dreams of her trip one day to the Greek islands.

Marc Petersen

Lab Manager | Optician

Marc is our lab manager and optician. He is responsible for supervising the production of quality eyewear for our patients. Marc works side by side with our doctors and opticians to ensure our patients receive the highest quality of prescription eyewear. Marc manages the in-house finishing lab and he he produces prescription eyewear for our patients, solves problems with difficult prescriptions, and is amazing with fixing and repairing even some of the most difficult frame breakages/issues. With his warm smile, friendly personality and amazing attention to detail, Marc is star to our patients, especially when he is able to create a temporary fix to a broken pair of glasses in order to buy a patient time until their brand new glasses come in.

Marc enjoys being a part of improving peoples’ lives by enhancing the way they see with the use optics. He is working towards completing his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Colorado, Denver. Upon completion, Marc will continue on to Optometry school with the plans of becoming an Optometrist. He is currently deciding between two optometry schools, one in San Francisco and and one in Oregon.
Marc is a member of Kantorei Denver, one of the nation’s premier choral ensembles, where he sings bass. He currently lives in Denver with his husband Nate. He enjoys playing video games, skiing, hiking and traveling the world. He dreams of living abroad, where he can, one day, practice optometry overseas.

Reece Briner

Front Desk Receptionist | Patient Care Coordinator

Reece is our front desk receptionist/ patient care coordinator. She makes it her priority to ensure all patients are greeted with a kind “hello” and will do anything to assist them in ay way necessary. She is an expert in vision benefits and billing. She is a well-seasoned multi-tasker, and she manages a variety of responsibilities for the doctors, staff and patients, including answering general questions and concerns, and resolving billing and insurance issues. She is an expert in helping our patients with a variety of needs including scheduling appointments, answering questions about billing and insurance coverage, and completing insurance forms. She is always happy to help make each and every one of our patients have the best experience possible.

Reece was born in Montana and moved to Littleton at the age of eight. She went to Heritage High School and played for their Lacrosse team. She lives in Littleton with her sweet boys, Mato, a Bernese/Pyrenees mix, and Ghost, a Pyrenees, as well as her two sweet kitties, Tiki and River. She is an avid animal lover, and lights up when sharing/exchanging stories with patients about her (and their) fur babies. She loves the Colorado outdoors, including hiking, snow activities and kayaking. She dreams of one day moving to Alaska, as Reece is a true cold-weather girl.